A Family Run Business in Pennsylvania

Back Road Maple is a small, family owned business based in Pennsylvania. Our sugar maple and red maple trees are located in Tioga and Bradford Counties in the northern part of the state. Every maple season is spent at our maple camp in northern PA. As winter ends, the trees wake up and the sap flow begins. We drill small holes into the trees to tap the sweet, raw maple sap. The sap flows through a spout and tubing to large stainless steel tanks and then on to our saphouse. For 4-8 weeks we collect raw sap, which is all weather depending.

The raw sap is turned into syrup by boiling off the water. Maple syrup is a precious gift from nature. It takes approximately 60 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup! We currently offer two types of Grade A maple syrup: Amber and Robust. The former is best as a topping and the latter is best for baking. Nothing is added to our syrup. It is a 100% pure, all-natural product.

Tapping trees, collecting sap, boiling and bottling syrup is a family effort. Maple camp is staffed each spring by Al and Tracy Stoltzfus, their daughter Amber and her husband Mike, and their grandchildren. Each person plays an important part in the sap harvesting process, from drilling holes to carrying buckets. We thank God for the gift of nature, family, and friends and we hope that you enjoy our syrup as much as we do!